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MasterRockin' on Da Road

 So "Pure Funk" changes its name to Roadmaster. We were a mostly original- song band by '77, less talk more rock. We parted ways with Benrubi after the Rundgren-produced record came out and hired Steve McNally to sing.

 In 1978 we recorded "Sweet Music," an album for a local label. Mercury Records heard it, signed us, released the album on their label and sent us on the road opening for Rush, ZZ Top, B.O.C., Pat Travers, Frampton, Cheap Trick, everybody.

 In '79 we recorded "Hey World" at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva, Wisc. Great record. Great songs. More touring, more clubs. In 1980 we recorded Fortress, our last record for Mercury. Like Graham Parker and Johnnie Cougar, we got Mercury poisoning from continued exposure to the Mercury Records staff. They did very little for us and at the end of 1980, dropped us. So it's all the way back to the bars.

 Steve McNally, our treasured lead singer, leaves along with Bobby Johns. So Bone, Ricky and me are floundering around for the next year. (*E-mail me at if you remember da band. I get back witch ya.) And then I think about October '81, a couple o' dudes from John Cougar's band come into this club in Bloomington, Oscars it was, to see me play. An unwitting audition fo' his band "The Zone," so they call me up and say, "You wanna play with us?" And I'm going hmmmm...

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