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Once Upon a Thames...

 Ma and Pa Myers had a black and white TV in 1964, February it was, and I saw the Ed Sullivan Show with that famous group on it. You know - three are still alive. The sound and the look, it was all too much.

 Mom washed our clothes at a laundromat that was next door to a music store. I would hang out there while mom read Photoplay Magazine. The parents bought me a bass and for the next three years my basement was world headquarters of my high school bands: December's Children and the Clarence Brown Memorial String Band 1964-1967. Absolutely fabulous.

 During the last week of high school, I was in a car crash. In the other car was one of the richest men in Indy. His fault, not ours. I got this nice chunk o' change when I turned 18 and so I bought some paint brushes and went to John Herron Art School for the next three years, 1968-1971.

 I had the regular 2-S deferment while I was in school but in '71 started traveling with this show band that wore tuxedos and did steps. So I traveled with those knuckleheads for about a year, quit school, pissed off my dad for a good 10 years, became 1-A in the eyes of the draft board, and best of all moved to Lake Lemon in Southern Indiana, just outside of Bloomington.

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